OK Makeup Artists, this one is for you! Do you ever ask yourself the question, “Does having the right makeup products effect the outcome of my art,” when creating your clients’ look?

Through the years, it’s been trial and error for me with what works and what doesn’t. Every client I work with requires different types of products. I try to carry the minimum, but when working with new clients, I bring it all!

When starting to work with a new client, I always talk about their skin. The conversation can tell me right away what to grab from my kit. The best question to start with, I feel, will focus on their daily routine. This usually will give me all the answers that I need. The products that they mention give me a direction into their skin type; dry skin, oily skin, allergies, etc. Also, most clients know what products work best on them. For example, some clients always use foundation, while others just grab some mascara and gloss. In the end, it’s all about gaining trust. I need to have that relationship established in order to introduce new products, so that the looks can be attained.