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Let’s talk about masks!

A huge trend that’s making waves are sheet masks. A sheet mask is a piece of fabric or paper that is drenched in nutrition, moisture, anti-aging, and intense serums. One of my go-to masks at the moment are made by a Japanese beauty company called Tatcha. All of their products are so beautifully crafted and feel so luxurious on your skin.

The Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask is the one addition to add to your routine. Many of my clients prefer not to spend an hour when getting ready to apply toners and serums, so this one sheet can work magic! This one product works in just 15 minutes, seriously! After washing your face, preferable in the morning or before an event, place the mask on your face, and that’s it. Tatcha masks tend to be very smooth and should stay on while you get ready or lounge around.

What makes this particular mask great, is that each mask is distilled from and entire coconut. Hello hydration! The serum on the mask has a super trio to create an anti-aging complex just for you. Japanese Green Tea, Rice, and Algae (yes, algae) restore your skin to it’s natural, youthful radiance. I personally use these sheet masks once a week, or whenever my skin feels dry or tired looking.

Available in it’s many sizes at  Tatcha.com