Tears of Makeup! 

In the October issue of Flaunt Magazine, I had the experience of working with photographer duo Sharum and Ari for the first time. Collaborating with them on set made for a genius combination. Our model and issue feature was one of my favorite actresses, Danielle MacDonald. When I work with Danielle, I like to stay within her neutral palette, but for this specific shoot, I wanted to create change as we moved along with the images. My first subtle change was her eyeliner. I needed to give her eyes more attention. When you add eyeliner, it brings the focus to the eyes. You can tell a story of emotion just from a photo with this addition. For our main image, I added a simple jewel beneath her eye. The jewel mimicked a tear, which added a feeling of emotion, that brought out her soul. The jewel, combined with the stylists choice of a cape, became a central photo that plays with the excitement of darkness and light.