Set in the beautiful location of an unfinished house in the Hollywood Hills.

First to arrive to the location on the day of the Nylon Magazine’s shoot with actress Tati Gabrielle with photographer Tiziano Lugli, I thought I had gotten the wrong address. It was a closed off construction sight with a beautiful view of the hills. Then Tiziano arrived and said, “We are here, welcome to today’s studio,” now where to set up my makeup station. Once settled in we started to get makeup inspiration from the clothes and our surroundings. Tati is probably one of the most willing clients to be creative and risky with her makeup.  For the cover of the magazine I chose to do a  wet pink smoky eye, with a lip to match.

My tip to create the perfect smokey eye is to start with a lighter shade eye pencil to lay out your shape. Once you have this guide, then you use powdered eye shadow to create the smokey effect. You can add as much or as little as needed to create the look you want. The final touch, is use a water proof pencil inside the lash line to detail the look. You can use these steps to go for this smokey pink, or a simple black.