Matching your eye, lip, and cheek all together in one tone can be seen everywhere. But, when does this work? Whenever you want it to! When you look at recent advertisments, red carpets, and even fashion shows, you can see how this has become such a big trend. But when did it become mainstream? Well, it’s kind of always been.

You may want to find the perfect matching shades for each item, but this can be exhausting. Imagine finding the perfect lipstick, but then not being able to match the tones with an eyeshadow you have. Most of us can’t just run down to the store during an application. Sometimes something that seems complicated is actually quite easy. The trick I, and a lot of artists use, is using lipstick on the cheeks and eyes! Now remember this product is made for the lips, so start off light and build up. The last thing you want is for your eyelids to look like they have vaseline on them.

Now, for those of you, like me, that love makeup shopping, you probably have noticed that cosmetic companies have started to expand their shades. If you often apply neutral shades and match tones, getting a few matching products can be just what you need. The large, and small, cosmetic companies have started creating eyeshadows, cheek colors, and lipsticks to match not only their lines, but other brands as well. A few of my favorite lines with matching products are Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk and Nars Orgasm.

On set shooting the cover of Nylon Magazine with actress Tati Gabrielle, I went with dark wine tones. My favorite color choices to match are purples, pinks, and corals. These are great tones to start with,  but don’t be afraid to take risks and make it your own.