Working with Juanpa Zurita, a social media celebrity with over 22.9 million followers, opened my eyes to what it takes. Juanpa was opened to anything phototgrapher Damon Baker could throw at him on this work day. Shooting black and white photos with Juanpa took me back in time. I got my inspiration from rock stars of the past. I knew I had to step outside of my box for the makeup looks to make this special.

The first thing I did was mascara. To me this was something I usually never notice in a picture when it comes to men. So I went there, and it made his eyes look magnificent. Here I used my favorite SERGE LUTENS BEAUTÉ Translucent Mascara.

I wanted to keep the momentum going with my next beauty choice, so of course I used a dark lipstick. It looked so punk in very rebellious way. The shade I decided on was actually the NARS VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL in Deep Aubergine.

Last, I opted for a smokey eye and raw skin to really make it look like he partied all night! Here I used TOM FORD SHADE AND ILLUMINATE in Intensity One.