Your eyes will tell you the truth when making a color choice for yourself, or one of your clients. I’m always thinking of color combinations to apply on someone, but until it’s on the face, I have no idea if it will work as I imagined. Recently, I was working with actress Sofia Vassilieva, and on this day we discussed using a bold color. We landed on a bold blue, and then blended it out with a dark brown. The color choice gave us a nice pop. The brown accentuated it, without being too harsh. When applying color tones on the eyes, I start with pencils of the same color. This way I have control of changing it before anything is set. Here I applied a dark brown pencil first on the outer corners of the eyes to get the shape and then a blue on the inside. Once I’m happy with the shape, I go in with wet eyeshadow and lock it in place. To create a wet eyeshadow, briefly dip your brush into some water just to dampen it, you don’t want it completely wet. Next, just use your shadow to get color on the brush. One thing to note, is that you need to apply this before it dries. Otherwise, you may have uneven color. Here we matched the eye makeup with a soft peach lip to make the blue be the stand out!